This page is devoted to testimonials about Diamond Entertainment. If I have provided you with a DJ service, feel free to leave a testimonial about your event! To all of you who have left a comment on my website, THANK YOU so much! They really mean a lot to me and I am so very happy that you are pleased with my DJ services!

Thanks Again!
DJ Diamond Dave


Thank you so much for the amazing job DJ'ing that you did at our wedding reception. We had lots of compliments on the music and you as the DJ. The evening turned out more perfect then we could have imagined and you played a big part in that, so thank you!!!

Also, a huge thanks for not allowing any of the do not plays to get slipped into the list. A couple of the gals that tried to request these songs on the no list came over to get my permission and I really appreciate you requiring my permission before they got played. I know they were just trying to be funny, but that is not a joke Sam would have been real happy about.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


We wanted to let you know what an absolutely fantastic job you did for our wedding. Everyone had such a great time and you were definitely a big part of that! I have been to tons of weddings, but I have never seen so many people dance (and for so long!) Your music was so perfect and it kept the party going!! (Even past when we were supposed to leave--we were just having too much fun!!)

I cannot express to you how wonderful of a job you did...I want to have another party just so we can have that much fun again!

So many people came up to us and told us it was the best reception they had ever been to--and these were people who go to tons of weddings! We seriously got so many compliments on the extraordinary job you did--thank you for making our wedding so special and unique! You read the crowd perfectly and made the night even better than it already was!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Jim was totally right in his high praises of you! You were great!

Hope all is well with you! Take care and hopefully we will see you again someday!


Sorry for the delay of getting this to you. I just wanted to thank you for everything. The reception was wonderful and the lights were incredible. I almost hugged you when I saw you had them done! They really made the atmosphere. All of our guests keep commenting on how great you were with the crowds. Even the MC for the facility said that our event was easily in the top ten of weddings he's had in the last 30 years. I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends who are planning on getting married (even those that aren't).

You were amazing and kept the reception going at a perfect flow. I didn't feel rushed, and I didn't feel like it was dragging. Mark and I are very grateful that we listened to everyone's advice to go with you. You really made our day everything it could be. If you want another reference, I would love to be one. Thank you again!


Dear Diamond Dave,

I really liked it. We all want to thank you. I know this is a busy season for you, but you did a great job and all my friends appreciated all you did. I liked every technical part of what you did, and also your song selection. Everyone liked your style, all ages--my littlest cousins and even my grandma. I would recommend you for a family get together, especially a graduation. We had over 50 people and everyone seemed to like the music. I really enjoyed speaking with you and learning about your system. Thanks again for making my party extra special.

Robert Uhlig


Our son's wedding reception was so fun, and all of it was very tastefully done! The timing of major events, like cutting the cake, throwing the bouquet, throwing the garter, etc. were all spaced to keep the pace and energy of the reception going over a 4 hour period of time, and this is a big responsibility of the DJ to keep the energy of the reception going. You did a great job! Thanks for everything.

Karen Rudisill

We can't begin to express our appreciation to David for all he did to make our daughter's wedding reception such a success. He met with me more than once, was willing to accommodate any suggestions, and was extremely personable. I would not hesitate to recommend Diamond Entertainment to anyone in Wichita needing the services of a professional DJ.

Catherine Pardi
Mother of the Bride

Dave did an amazing job at our wedding. We're both huge music buffs, and agreed beforehand that the music was one of the most important parts of the whole wedding. Dave delivered beautifully. Not only did he accept a huge list of our requests, but he really kept the mood of what was going on at the time to keep the moment perfect. During dinner, he played romantic classics that were upbeat but elegant and unobtrusive. Then after dinner, he turned the Hilton into a dance club! Everyone had such a great time and is still talking about it, a month after the fact.

Dave is truly an expert at what he does. He not only knows music inside and out, but he can read people like they are an open book. If you want a intuitive, professional, personable DJ, look no further because Dave is simply the best there is.

We had a fantastic time at the Cusick Wedding. The music was awesome and it kept most people on the dance floor. I also love the pictures he took and posted on this website. I think it is great. Job well done, Dave!


You were GREAT!!!! I just want to thank you for making our daughters wedding a perfect event. Everyone had a terrific time and they all told me how much they liked the DJ. I hope that people read the testimonials because I want them to know that if they are searching for a DJ and they are at this website that there search is over! They have just found the BEST DJ and need to book him now! I saw the pictures you took and posted. They are wonderful. The fact that you take the time to do this makes you stand out form all the rest. I really like the one of you and the happy couple! I know I will see you in April at my sons wedding and that we will all have another great night! Thanks for everything.

Lynn Rausch
Mother of the Bride

We could not have asked to have a better time. You were great! Everyone had a blast and they all thought you were wonderful. We can't thank you enough for the amazing time you helped us have. From the ceremony music down to the last dance. Everything went so smoothly and we really appreciate all you did for us. The pictures look great! Thank you for taking the time to take and post those for us to see. We will, without a doubt, sing your praises to anybody looking for a DJ. Can't wait to see you in April for my brother's wedding! If it's half as fun as ours we know we'll have a blast!

Megan Hemenway
November 1, 2008

If you're looking for a great entertainer call on "Diamond Dave"! Diamond Entertainment has provided the DJ services for both my cousin and my sister's recent weddings, and everyone had a blast at both! Dave doesn't just bring a box of records to your event and starts a playlist - he IS your event - making it fun and enjoyable for all of your party guests. He has a great selection of music, lighting equipment, and his karaoke book is thicker than a phone book! He also was very careful to make sure he had all of the names of the wedding party correct before he announced us, to prevent any mis-pronunciations. He had every base covered from my point of view. Dave has done a great job for my family - twice, and has proven to be both fun AND professional. Great job Dave! See you at the next Rau wedding!

Diamond Dave you were great! You were very accomodating and professional. I will continue to recommend you to anyone in need of a great DJ. Thanks for making our reception so fun! See you in April!

Odie and Amanda White

Thank you so much for making our wedding such a success. We really enjoyed everything you did for us. It couldn't have been more perfect. We'll have to get one of the other siblings married off so we have another excuse to have a party!!

Thanks for everything,

Aimee and Kurt Burkhart

Thanks Dave for making our Weddings so special. You do such a nice job of capturing the personalities of the couple. Each of my daughters weddings were so much fun. People enjoyed the reception music and the dance. We will see you at the next wedding!
Mother of the brides

Dave, you are great. Thanks for all the great pics, and for helping us have a great time. Dave kept me calm when I didn't know up from down and kept me reassured that everything was running smoothly and on time. I had no concept of time that night, and it was a true relief to have him around. The music was great, lights, everything. I couldn't have asked for a better reception! Thanks again.

What an extra special job you did as being the D.J. for this special wedding. The music was extraordinary. You had a variety of music, a sense of timing, and everyone had a load of fun plus lots of laughter and dancing. Your knowledge of what to do and when to do it was tremendous. You had a way of including everyone at one time or another. You did a fantastic job and who ever is blessed to have you D.J. their event could not be more pleased. High praises are not enough for you. Also, thanks for the pictures. I don't know how you did it. You are Fantastic!!!

Thank you so much for making my wedding reception extra special! i was worried that nobody was gonna dance but you kept everyone on their feet all night. also the wedding game was so much fun and the macho man dance was so funny! the pictures you took were awesome! I just cant say it enough THANK YOU the evening was AWESOME!!!

Dave did an amazing job at the wedding reception both with pictures and music and telling everyone what all was going on. Made the wedding reception fun and and interesting.

If you are looking for a DJ and have fallen onto this site your search is over. TRUST ME! David has a special talent. He will make your event memorable and all you have to do is enjoy the night. NO worries if you let David run the show!! My wedding reception was on a strict schedule for the first two hours and David took control and got things done in a professional yet fun way. David met us curb side at the limo in front of the reception site which put us at ease and he made sure everything was right on schedule. He lets everyone know what is going on throughout the reception and has a great presence. He even had a way of calming the maid of honor, best man before they had to give the toast. David will take the time to get to know you and he has the ability to read the crowd and plays just the right music. You will not have to worry about an empty Dance floor. I can't speak highly enough for Diamond Dave. Oh, and the pictures are just fabulous!!

Thank you for a Great Reception!

Rachelle and Ryan

Thank you, Dave -- for a totally professional job with our reception!! Your presence made the whole thing go smoothly and as planned.

Diamond Dave gets everyone involved and is part of the fun!
Great value for great entertainment.
We highly recommend Dave for your wedding or I suppose any function you want music and fun.
The Corning wedding party

I am so glad my dad (Kristi's) knows you and recommended you to us Dave!! We were so lucky to have such an awesome DJ at our wedding! He played the music I requested, plus a lot of other songs that kept the reception flowing! I wouldn't recommend anyone but Dave. He's amazing at what he does! Thank you so much for helping to make our day as great as it was!
-Kelly & Kristi Mies

I have to say that with all the concerns of the rain prior to our ceremony and then the wind after the dinner, everything was AMAZING!!!! I took a chance from a referral from a friend and couldn't be happier! Top Notch Diamnond!! My guests loved you and the music you chose and everyone danced like crazy!!!!
Loved it, thanks for making our day so awesome!!!
Matt and Jennifer Burton


Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding perfect!! :) I wanted everyone to have fun so much and thanks to you there was constantly a flow of people on the dance floor. I had so many people come up to me and compliment us on the songs and how fun you were. Everything sounded amazing and you were so organized and a blast to work with! We could not have had a better dj and I will be referring you to everyone I know!! Thanks a lot! :)

Ashley & Jesse Reid

Thank you for a great time at the reception. We all enjoyed the music. It was great that you were so willing to accommodate because of the heat inside and bring the party outside. I know that our friends were glad that we could dance in the cooler air. The music was great. We were also sad that the night had to come to an end. So many of our friends told us that they were sore from dancing all night. Thank you for making the first wedding dance in Carolyn's family history a big success. We wish you the best of luck in all of your DJing jobs in the future.

Thanks!! Bobby & Carolyn Perkins

Our wedding was perfect and absolutely loved having Dave as our dj and so did the people at our reception He played everything we wanted including some harder to find songs. He helped facilitate the events of evening with toast and first dances. It went so smoothly. He coordinated everything ahead of time but was ok with our last minute change ups.

If we had to do it over, we'd chose him again. We recommend him to anyone looking to have an awesome party with good music, fun pics and a great dj...

Thank you Dave for everything, we will never forget.
Brandon & Jeni

We LOVED Dave as our DJ! He was a lot of fun, he did everything in order that we wanted to do it. He downloaded new Red Dirt Music just for our wedding and played some great 2 stepping songs for our country themed wedding. Also, he takes some really awesome pictures and is always willing to work with you when it comes to meeting times and busy schedules (any bride will tell you that is the best option ever!) We couldn't have asked for a better DJ for our afternoon reception! Thanks Dave!!!

The Laniers

It's great to see such glowing testimonials!

DJ Diamond Dave was amazing!!! We booked Dave for our fall wedding after attending a wedding reception of our good friends Bobby and Carolyn Perkins! Their wedding reception was so much fun, and the DJ seemed to have a blast with it is as well so we knew this is what we had to have for our wedding! Dave didn't just provide reception music but also provided our ceremony music! He did an amazing job with all aspects of our wedding! He made accommodations and changes on the spot. Without any doubt the reception was a blast with such great music and dances we will never be able to forget! DJ Dave even jumped in and did the cupid shuffle with us!!!! SO So SO much fun!!! Could not have found a better DJ!!! Thank you Carolyn and Bobby, and last but not least thank you DJ Diamond Dave!!! You were awesome!!!

DJ Diamond Dave was absolutely amazing! He was our DJ for our wedding at Tanganyika Wild Life Park in May of 2013! He told us that he would play what music got people on the dance floor and that is what he did! He also did our ceremony and it was all perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better DJ. I would recommend him for anything! Very involved, takes pride, and cares about what he does!! Great Job!!

First of all want to say from the first time I had the pleasure of meeting Dave I could tell he was not one of them "club" dj's that just over run the microphone and make it unpleasant! He is a hard worker that just does this on the side because he truly loves weddings and was going to be a perfect addition to our wedding. My wife did not meet him until about 1 week before the big day and when we got home from the meeting she could feel the same passion that I seen In him, so needles to say happy wife happy life!!! Once he arrived he set up quickly and didn't bother us with questions because he had it already mapped out with his wedding planner that he provides to you that is included in his service and I'm telling you if you follow exactly what he says your wedding will go smoothly as ours did at several points I noticed him collaborating with our photographer which kept the flow going without a single dead point in the evening. If your
Scared about not having people dance he has a way of getting people up to dance (even the ones "to cool to dance") without being rude or snide to the guests. If you want a personal email from me because you not for sure if these testimonials or edited by Dave himself feel free to email me at heathg87@aol.com and I will let you no after the wedding I consider him a friend not just a DJ!!

Heath and Dani Glasscock

Wow Dave how nice to have the pics of everyone in ACTION....I was a F&B Director in the Golf Resort industry over 25 years and had done MANY weddings, I had the opportunity to see 1000's of DJ's in action. There are very FEW that make the evening amzing and you are right up there at the top with probably 4 out of 1000's that I remember. You made my son feel at ease right from the start, you took control which is what SHOULD happen...GREAT Job, it was really nice to meet you. I am sure you are incredibly sucessfull, because as my son said "YOUR PASSION" shows and was exemplified throughout our entire experience.

I'm a true beleiver in the #1 rule to deliver a GREAT customer experience
"YOU HAVE TO HAVE PASSION for what you do"

Thanks Again

We had a perfect wedding day and with much thanks to DJ Dave!

He was very professional and always available in preparing for our big day. At the wedding, he helped keep the evening flowing and energized! All of our guests had a blast with music selections and could not believe how much dancing we all did!

We definitely recommend him for any of your special events!

Thanks sooooo much!!

Amanda and Kevin

Hi David,
I wanted to let you know that Adam & I were completely satisfied with your work. You went above and beyond to make sure our day was 100% perfect. You made sure that the slideshow played properly and you really stuck to the schedule and keep everything going smoothly. I heard several compliments on the music played & heard nothing bad!

I'm so glad that you were our DJ!
Thank you for all your hard work & making sure our wedding day was perfect! :)

P.S. Let me know if you would like any additional recommendations wrote for your website/promotional items.

Dave did a fantastic job at our wedding reception. We initially were recommended to him via a friend and were immediately impressed with his professionalism. He has a detailed basic outline that we reviewed together before the wedding where we chose songs and determined the evenings festivities and schedule. During the reception, Dave ran the wedding reception to perfection; facilitating the entrance, dinner, cake cutting, special dances, etc. Once the dance began, Dave did a wonderful job maintaining a full dance floor. I honestly cannot think of anything that I thought could have been better throughout the evening.

We have recommended three (3) friends to Dave and they have signed contracts with him, You will be extremely happy that you chose Dave and Diamond Entertainment. Feel free to email me at mddeiter@gmail.com if you have any questions.